My name is Mike, and I am currently deployed in the Middle East with the US Army. This is my second 10 month deployment to the Middle East. I deployed once in 2021 and currently from my deployment in 2023 until my return. During my time at home I suffered a severe leg fracture on a parachute jump that put me on the sidelines for over a year. I would love to be able to take my family to Disney World, and go to the parks for my return, and for my twins 4th birthday. Because of my two deployments, and recovery from injury I have missed almost half of my twins lives. Being able to surprise them with 6 multi-day tickets to the parks would not only be a great birthday gift, but a wonderful welcome home. My wife and four kids have given up so much over the last three years, that being able to take them to all of the parks would help to show them how appreciated and loved they all are.
U.S. Army (Currently Serving)
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Post Deployment and Kids Birthday Disney World Tickets
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