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Your generous, tax deductible donation to Veteran Tickets Foundation enables us to provide thousands of new memories for our Currently Serving Military, Veterans and their families, including family members of KIA.

Show your support to our Troops and our Veterans by helping them feel proud of their service, by providing re-bonding moments with their families and reintegration opportunities into the communities they swore on their lives to protect.

Supporting our Troops is more than just a magnet on a car, we are doing something much bigger here, but we can only do it with your help! Join the 119,957 donors who have given back our troops through Vet Tix today.

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Donations are 100% tax deductible, we will provide a receipt directly from Veteran Tickets Foundation.
Our 501(c)(3) tax exemption number is 26-2291955

21 million

Americans are Veterans

2+ million

Troops are currently serving

16.6 million

Veterans have served during war time

2.5 million

Veterans have served in Iraq or Afghanistan

3.6 million

Veterans have service connected disabilities


Average cost for a family of 4 to attend a sporting event or concert


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Click To Read More Feedback from Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour
On Jul 8th Mike Posted:
First and foremost, a HUGE "THANK YOU" to Messina Touring Group,LLC & VETTIX for letting my family and I enjoy this "Once in a Lifetime" experience!! We attended the Taylor Swift "Reputation" Stadium Tour concert in Columbus, Ohio, and there really are no words to describe how AWESOME this experience truly was! This was my son and daughters first concert, and my daughter worships Taylor Swift!! I have had many experiences with my daughter growing up, and I have made her happy many many times, but the joy that she had at this concert was a gift unlike any other! I would not have been able to grant this wish for her without your help. I know that as being a military veteran, we get some perks along the way with discounts and such, but if I never receive anything else in my life for being a veteran, this truly was the icing on the cake. Floor seats for my family and I, all for just doing what I volunteered for in the military. There was no stipulation or perk when I enlisted, and was never looking for any "Hand-outs". I am truly humbled, and grateful for the love, thoughtfulness, and generosity of Messina Touring Group, LLC, and VETTIX for helping make a special memory in all of our lives that we will treasure and remember forever. Thank you once again for all that you do! We love you! Mike Klamut United States Air Force (1997-2001)
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Click To Read More Feedback from Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour
On Jul 15th Gilda Posted:
This was the best concert ever!!! I took my 6 years young grand daughter to her first concert. She loves Taylor Swift and sings her songs all the time. She was excited to attend and in awe while she was there. Messina Touring Group we thank you for the donation you made to us veterans. The location off the seats were fabulous something I would never be able to afford. Thank you for making it possible. Vet tix this is an awesome service you provide to veterans. We greatly appreciate it.
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