My name is Nick. I am currently on my 2nd deployment and have been away from my family for 8 months as of me writing this. I am looking to take my family to a Steelers game this fall. My family are die hard Steelers fans, however making it an NFL game has been out of our grasp. These past few years have been hard on my wife and boys as I have been away a lot. During this deployment we had a high-risk pregnancy and we were blessed with a healthy and beautiful 5lb baby girl. With all the chaos recently, I know my family would love to be able to go see the team they love at an actual game. I know it will be a memory the boys will never forget. We're hoping for 4 tickets to the Steelers/Falcons game playing in Atlanta. Thank you very much to all those who donate to this cause and make wishes like this possible for my family.
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Atlanta Falcons game with my family
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