Hello! My name is David. I am currently on my 3rd career deployment and would like to be able to take my family to Universal Orlando for a day before we embark on our first family cruise. My daughter (7) is a huge Harry Potter fan and has talked about going to Universal since we PCSed to Ft. Stewart and are near Orlando. I should return from my deployment around May/June 2024, and we wish to go to Universal Orlando on December 15, 2024 before we leave for our cruise on the 16th. Looking at the ticket we would love a 1 day park-to-park ticket to be able to do Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, where the Harry Potter areas of the park are, as well as being able to take the Hogwarts Express. Thank you for the opportunity to enhance the family time I have and take my family on a trip.
U.S. Army (Currently Serving)
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