My name is Casey, and I will be coming off of my fourth deployment with the Army in just a few short months. My wife and I have three wonderful children and would like to do something special for our family. We had our second child in October of 2019, just five months before COVID really hit. Between closures across the country and my wife being an ICU nurse, raising young children during a pandemic, the regular trials of life, military trainings and another deployment, we would love to give our family a chance to relax and live our what is a dream for many. With costs on the rise it gets harder and harder to make these things happen, and having a wish granted would truly make a difference for our family at a time when we could really use some R&R. Wishing to be gifted or helped with the cost of 4, 5-Day park hopper passes to Walt Disney World
U.S. Army (Currently Serving)
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Walt Disney World 5-Day Park Hopper
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