My name is Luis. This month I completed 10 years in the US Army Reserve and just returned from an overseas deployment (9 months) which came short notice as my orders were cut only 1 month prior to deployment. I missed all except one birthday and missed my anniversary as well. My wife is an amazing woman who helped our family successfully endure the impact of this last-minute deployment. She managed four boys and two active German Shepherds, so it was not an easy task for her! I am very grateful that we were able to make it through the challenges we experienced. That is why I would love to take my family to NYC to see "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child" on Broadway. My kids love music and Harry Potter and I know this will help inspire a greater appreciation for music and the arts. We would also take advantage of being in NYC to see the World Trade Center Memorial. Your kind consideration is greatly appreciated! We will be grateful for anything that may be provided. Thank you!
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Family trip to see Harry Potter on Broadway in NYC
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