My name is Jesse. I'm currently deployed for a 2nd time in the 11 year AF career. I have a loving wife, Kaitlyn and together have two beautiful children Reiley (3) and Everett (1.5). I have missed both of my children's birthdays along with the summer holidays this year. My hope is to be enjoy a family vacation together when I return home from this deployment. This is my first deployment with a wife and 2 kids at home. The last 7 months without our family being together has been very hard on us. I have missed a lot of quality family time since April and we would love to make up for it by going on a Disney trip! We haven't been on a family vacation since we have had kids and would love to finally go on one! Disneyland would absolutely be a dream come true as None of us have ever been there before so we're really excited to hopefully be able to go!
U.S. Air Force (Currently Serving)
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Family trip to Disneyland
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