I'm not sure if this fits the mold of the regular wish, but if I only get one chance I want to swing for the fences. I'm asking for 5 of the lowest tier Disneyland Season Passes while I go through VOC Rehab to get job retraining. I've been unemployed or severely underemployed for over a year and I desperately need to get into a new job field. The VA is going to provide that retraining in the IT field, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, I'm going to be gone most days from sun up to well past sundown for the next 7 months. We live very close to Disneyland, California, and my young kids still see all the Magic. It would be amazing to be able to take them for a few hours here and there over the next few months to help pass the time. I cant help feel greedy asking for season passes but minus the cost of travel the difference from a single day use ticket isn't much. Thank you!
U.S. Marine Corps (Severely Wounded Veteran)
2001 - 2004
Wish Fulfilled By:
  • Nilda donated $10.00
  • Christina donated $5.00
Thank You Message from the Hero:
From the bottom of my heart, and my families, I want to thank all the donors who made this trip possible. I never got to experience Disneyland until I was almost an adult, so the "magic" of the "Magic Kingdom" was lost on me. But watching my young kids, wide eyed, meet the characters, ride the attractions and stare up into a brilliant fireworks display really allowed me to see the park through their eyes. Magic is absolutely the perfect term to describe what they were experiencing. These are memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you all so much for helping make this trip a reality! Semper Fi!
- Ashot
Disneyland Passes for the family while Im in VOC Rehab
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