Hi! My name is Jeff and I am currently on 13 month mobilization orders deployed to the Middle East. Proudly serving in the US Navy Reserve, this is my fourth overseas deployment in 6 years. I’d really like to surprise my family with a long overdue vacation. My wife and I are parents to a disabled, special needs adult child that gets super excited about anything Disney. We have always wanted to be able to plan a trip to take him to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My wife is the real hero here as she has been home holding things down and taking care of our boy while I've been away. This particular deployment was made more challenging because of course, everything waits for me to leave to go wrong so she has faced home repairs and dealt with having to get the AC fixed in the heat of the Texas summer. Her car has been in for repairs as well. The sacrifices she makes every day in support of our family are not easy but she goes above and beyond to get it all done! I am so proud of her and wish so much to make her dream a realization and take our family on this vacation to make up for all the time I have missed through these deployments! I expect to return home by early May 2024 and would really appreciate any help in making this wish for four, 3-day park-hopper-plus tickets (with available disability services) come true! If it does, we would plan our trip between April and September 2025. Thank you for taking the time to read my wish!
U.S. Navy (Currently Serving)
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Wishing to take the family on a dream vacation to Disney World
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