Hello! My name is SSG David Crabaugh. I have served 14 years in the Army National Guard with 6 of those years being either mobilized for deployment or in the Active Guard and Reserves (AGR) program. I recently returned from an 11 month rotation in the Middle East where I operated in countries such as Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. This recent rotation in which I returned days prior to Thanksgiving was a tough one being away from home unlike the last when deployed to Afghanistan. The reason for this was my two sons, Dresden (7) and Dedrick (5). I thought being gone during the younger years would be easier than when they are older but I thought wrong. The missed birthdays, holidays and spending time with them means so much more at these ages. We have been blessed with good health while I was away serving but now that I am home the boys have one desire to take daddy too, welcome to the idea of Disney World 2023! My wife, Yamilka who is from the country of Panama, is a full time student with the University of Central Missouri working on a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition. This has been challenging for her these past two semesters while I was away. She will be finished in May 2023. I want to surprise them all with a much needed family vacation to Orlando and visit the parks of Disney World and make the boys dream come true and celebrate the success of my wife and show my appreciation to them all. We are seeking assistance with 4 4-day Park Hopper Passes.
U.S. Army (Currently Serving)
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  • Remainder of Wish fulfilled by the Veteran Tickets Foundation General Hero's Wish Fund.
Thank You Message from the Hero:
First I would like to say THANK YOU to the following individuals; Henry, Monica, Ralph, Sierra, Thomas, Martin, Elizabeth, Billy, Derrick, Ricky, Patricia, Jennifer, Simonne, David, and Hero's. My family and myself are very appreciative of your generosity in making my Hero's Wish come true. I have seen my sons smile many times in life but the smiles we saw this past week were out of this world! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to spend family time at the Magical World of Disney! We enjoyed several first and captured so many memories from the Theme Parks. Thank you again.
- David
Post Deployment Disney World Vacation
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