I am making this wish for my father, without his knowledge. My father has been serving the Marine Corps for a total of 17 years. He has sacrificed everything for me (his daughter), my family, and this country. I can never repay him for everything he has done, but I can at least try. I want to try by making one of his oldest wishes come true. My father has been a Kansas City Chiefs fan since he was a child and he has always wanted to attend a home game. My father recently received very sudden, involuntary, high-risk orders to Afghanistan for 10 months. This will be his 3rd time in Afghanistan and his 6th deployment overall. Before he is shipped overseas, he will be able to come home for the holidays for 2 weeks. In this time, I want to make his wish come true by surprising him with tickets to the Chiefs game that will take place on Christmas Eve. This would be such a memorable trip for our family and I know this would mean so much to him. My dad is my personal hero and I am trying to do everything in my power to make this happen for him, but I cannot do it alone.
U.S. Marine Corps (Currently Serving)
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Thank You Message from the Hero:
I want to thank the Veteran Tickets Foundation and all of my 11 donors for making one of dad's biggest dreams come true! I made this wish without my dad's knowledge and my family and I surprised him with the tickets. He was so surprised and I have never seen him so excited! We had the best Christmas Eve we could have ever imagined and made memories that we will cherish forever. My dad was even given an autographed ball from one of the Chiefs players who heard about his wish! Because of all of you, my dad was able to get the best send off he could before deploying to Afghanistan. He says that he's already planning our next trip to KC for when he comes home! We are all so appreciative and grateful for your support and for making this happen for my dad and our family. This experience really meant so much to us and we cannot thank you all enough..Thank you!!!!! - The Blanco Family
- Mariah
Kansas City Chiefs Christmas Eve game for my dad!
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