I would like to take my wife and children to Disneyland. We had to purchase a car when I got home from deployment because the car we had we didn't trust to drive across country with a trailer, doing this left us with very little money after the down payment and trip across country and moving into our new apartment. Now we live month to month paycheck to paycheck. My daughters both 12 and 4 have been begging to go to Disneyland since I got home! I have a wife and 3 gorgeous children, 2 girls and a boy. Eve is 12, Leigha 4 and Lucas 1! I was hoping to get 5 tickets so that my mother could join us at Disneyland! She hasn't been able to spend much time with the kids because my wife moved back to MI while I was deployed to spend time with her family.
U.S. Navy (Currently Serving)
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Thank You Message from the Hero:
My family and I had so much fun at Disneyland this past weekend I want to thank all those who donated and made this trip possible for my family and I! My mom had a blast with the kids and the kids all had so much fun! Thank you Hero's Wish foundation from the bottom of our hearts this trip could not have been possible without everyone who helped and donated! There are no words to even express my gratitude! The Gonzales Family
- Jose
Disneyland Family Vacation
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