I just recently returned from a 5th Fleet deployment on a Naval Patrol Coastal Ship. I have been promising my little guy for a few years now that we would take him to Disney World to meet Mickey and his other favorite characters. I would love to fulfill that promise and take my wife and 5 year old son to disney in Florida while on my post deployment leave. I have 30 days until I check into my next duty station and school. My window to go would be between 25Jan-06Feb 2015.
U.S. Navy (Currently Serving)
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  • Michelle donated $650.00
Thank You Message from the Hero:
We were floored to have received three four day park hoppers for Disney Parks in Orlando, FL. The gesture was much more than expected from our original request of one day at Disney. Michelle and Vet Tix made it possible to finally on our promise to take Connor to Disney Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. He said it best when he said "Its the greatest day of my life". I really appreciate everything that Vet Tix does for our troops and for donors like Michelle for paying forward such a fulfilling experience. Thank you so much for making my Families Summer!
- Jose Alonso
Disney World in FL
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