I wish to take my three children and wife to Disney World. I am requesting 3 military salute 4 day hopper passes (For my wife, son, and me. Two of my children are free). I was a police officer for 10 years, but in 2013 I was fired after attending annual tour. The department was angry that I took time off of work. I finished my bachelor of science degree while deployed to Afghanistan, and was accepted to law school before returning home. I was unable to treat my kids to a fun vacation after my return as we had to load everything we had into a U-haul truck and drive to Missouri from Utah. My hope is to become a JAG after school ends in 2017. This led to me volunteering for a deployment to Afghanistan to make sure that my family had a roof over their heads. Since returning, we have moved half way across the country and I have gone back to school. My hope is to provide a better life for my family by getting a degree. My wife and I do not work. We are surviving on the GI Bill stipend (70%), and the small amount that I get from drill weekends. I fly from Missouri to Utah to attend drill once a month. We will be in Orlando for a military conference and would love to take the kids to Disney World while there. Thank you for your consideration.
U.S. Air Force (Veteran)
2009 - 2017
Wish Fulfilled By:
  • jennifer donated $20.00
  • Leslie donated $100.00
  • Colby donated $25.00
  • Thomas donated $500.00
  • Tim donated $5.00
  • Karen donated $5.00
Thank You Message from the Hero:
Our family is so very grateful to all of the donors who made this trip happen. Thank you to Jennifer, Colby, Tim, Karen, and especially Leslie and Thomas! This kids has such a fun time. We had heavy rain on Tuesday, which meant that instead of being one of the busiest days of the year, the Magic Kingdom was nearly empty (it was a warm rain and we were prepared with head-to-toe gore tex and a stroller cover). Our oldest daughter cannot stop talking about meeting Ariel, her favorite princess. Our son is a die hard Star Wars fan, and loved meeting the characters and riding on Star Tours. My wife and I are so happy that we were able to spend a few days at Disney World with our kids. The weather was warm and it was good to get away from the cold winter. Thank you to all the donors, and thank you Vet Tix! God bless everyone who made this possible, and God bless America!
- Martin Family
Disney World November 2014
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