Donating Tickets To Those Who Served

Donating your tickets to our troops and veterans is easy, just read over this page. The directions and links to donate are below.

What is Vet Tix

The Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix) is a national 501c3 nonprofit founded by veterans dedicated to support and honor the U.S. military community, veterans and their families. The Vet Tix mission is to provide tickets to sporting events, concerts, performing arts and family activities aimed at improving mental welfare and enriching the lives of military service members and veterans.

Who We Serve

We serve ALL branches of the US Military currently-serving, honorably-discharged veterans and their families as well as the immediate family of those Killed in Action. Since 2008, we have given out over 2.7 million tickets and are active in all 50 states!

How Attending Events Helps

We know that strong family bonds and community involvement are essential tools for Veterans during active duty, post-deployment, and post-service years. Providing event tickets to the US military community shows gratitude for their years of service and encourages them to be active with their families and communities. Receiving tickets in honor of their service allows veterans to feel proud of their military time, which helps build a positive identity. Vet Tix offers such a diverse range of events that it is easy and appealing for vets to use our services, regardless of age or physical ability. We make it possible for retired veterans to take their grandchildren to Disney on Ice, for a family to enjoy an afternoon together cheering on their local team and to experience to magic of the Nutcracker ballet. Vet Tix offers multiple tickets allowing veterans to go with family and other veterans. Events that connect veterans and family builds stronger relationships. Repeated experiences at a range of events helps veterans build a better social structure, both within their families and their communities. The overall result is a higher quality of life.

What our Troops Say

I like to thank Vet Tix and the people who donated though the Hero's Wish program. Especially The NY Yankees For the great seats I had for Myself and my family. They treated me special. This program shows Veterans that people do care about us. It made me feel good I also met a great friend at the game who helped make this dream come true thanks Joe. It will be a long time before I can forget this day
I got to see my favorite player Derek Jeter play and the NY Yankees won what more can you ask for thank you Vet Tix.

Marine Corps (Wounded Veteran)

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Why do our donors love us?

Vet Tix provides a rewarding and simple way for donors to give back!

Vet Tix enriches Veterans' lives, but we are also a benefit to donors. Since Veteran Tickets Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit foundation, individual ticket holders and businesses can receive tax deductions for their donations which they would not receive by donating directly to bases or military families.

The Vet Tix system is transparent. We are independently GAAP audited and have been at 96.5% to program or above each year. Venues, artist, teams get to know that their tickets are used by our Military and our Veterans. Our verification system ensures that only qualified people get access to tickets and discounts. We provide easy methods to donate shipped, will-call, print at home or mobile delivery, with complete tracking along the process.

What other Donors Say

Arizona Athletics has worked with VetTix on multiple occasions with outstanding results. VetTix has the ability to receive and distribute electronic tickets in addition to printed tickets which has been a great help as we generally need to allocate a large number of tickets quickly. VetTix has given Arizona Athletics the opportunity to say "thank you" to our veterans and at the same time fill every seat in the venue, which is a victory for everyone involved.

Darren L. Graessle
Director of Ticket Operations

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Donate Tickets

How the donation process works

  1. Choose the donation type below.
  2. Once we receive the donated tickets, we will enter them into our system and issue you an in-kind receipt.
  3. After the event has taken place, we will send you a link in an email with the feedback messages from the troops that went to the event.

VetTix Feedback

Click To Read More Feedback from Arizona Coyotes vs. Calgary Flames - NHL - Lower Level Seating
On Dec 22nd Paul Posted:
Thank you to Vet Tix and Arizona Coyotes for an amazing night! This was our first hockey game and I had the best night with my children. My children are already asking when they can sign up for hockey. We had a night to remember. Thanks again!
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Click To Read More Feedback from Grand Canyon University vs. Chicago State - God Bless America Night - Men's NCAA Basketball
On Feb 24th Paul Posted:
Thank you to Grand Canyon Univeristy Arena for the donation of tickets to God Bless America night! We had such a fun time! I loved how the university really showed how they value Veterans and Military. It made our family feel so special. Our children had an awesome time at all the children activities. We were blown away by the basketball game and the crowd activities and fun!
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Click To Read More Feedback from PBR - Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden
On Jan 8th Justin Posted:
Vet Tix I am blessed and thankful for yet another night of great tickets all Thanks to you and the amazing donors. We are grateful for nights like lastnight where my family and I can enjoy a night together having fun and relaxing. My wife even won a signed medallion by the Bull Riders. Can't wait to get more tickets to many othrr great events you offer and from the donors. Thank You!
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Click To Read More Feedback from Arizona Coyotes vs. Calgary Flames - NHL - Lower Level Seating
On Dec 20th Phillip Posted:
There is something special and amazing about hockey. As my son says "It is better than magic!" A big THANK YOU to the donors. This was a great night and we had a blast. GO COYOTES! DESERT DOGS!
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