Sending Ticket Donations

If you are mailing donated tickets or gift certificates, please us the U.S. Postal Mail address listed below. As soon as tickets are received and processed we will get you an In-Kind gift receipt for your tax purposes and if possible include your email address. Also, if you would like to let us know the shipped tickets are on their way, that can be done using the link below “I Would Like To Make A Ticket Donation”. To see who's donated recently check out our Partners Page on the Saying Thanks tab.

I Would Like To Make A Ticket Donation

If you are a individual ticket holder, organization with tickets or have general questions about donating tickets you can contact us by clicking the recycle image to the left.

To send donations via U.S. Postal Mail, the address is:

Veteran Tickets Foundation
3401 East Turquoise Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85028

Sending Verification Documents

You must be logged into your account and have all information filled out before you are given the alternative ways to submit your verification documents. The first step is to complete your account information, then you can become verified in our system.

Password Rest Tool For Ticket System

if you forgot your password and need it reset for our ticketing system, please click the key icon or the button above. You will need your email address and your zip code to reset your password.

Veteran Tickets Foundation Support Center

With a very generous donation from Kayako Software, we now have a new Support Center.

The Support Center is donated software and is independent of our ticket system.
Do NOT try to use any login you get from the support center to log into your account on as it will not work!

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Do you have extra tickets that will be going un used? You can donate them, and we will get them to our Currently Serving, Veterans, and their families to use!

If you expected your tickets in the mail by now, if you could not download your tickets, or you have found out that your tickets were not at will call when you got to the event click the icon to the left to open an emergency support request.

If you have any questions at all about the verification process, AFTER you have already read the verification rules, you can make an inquiry here. Don't ask how many days it will take, we have already given you that information in several places and you are just slowing down the process.

If you are reporting software bugs or experiencing login problems, browser related problems, uploading files issues, etc, click the icon to the left.

Do you know of an event that we have never listed? If so, tell us about it and we will go see if we can't get some tickets to the event added to our site! You are NOT allowed to contact any teams/venues/organizations on your own but please let us know about the event and we will do the work!

If none of the above fits your current question or concerns, you may click the icon to the left for help.


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Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Family Vacation to Walt Disney World
Hi my name is MSgt Jennifer Smith. I am married to my wonderful husband, Jerry and we have four beautiful children. My children are Skylah (12), Jerry (8), Bella (4) and Christian (18 mos). I am currently serving my 4th deployment and will miss 3 of my children's birthdays, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, my anniversary, Easter and possibly Mother's Day. I would love to treat my children to a wonderful vacation at Walt Disney World. I dream of them everyday and a gift of 6 park hopper tickets to Walt Disney World will put so many smiles on their faces, that it will almost fill the void in my heart from missing them so much. My husband and I have wanted to take our children for a while now and can never make it a reality. My husband is also military, so we have done our fair share of separations. It has been very difficult on our children and I thank God every day that I have them in my life. I would really love to spoil them for a couple of days at the greatest place on earth.

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Disney World Family Vacation
First before anything else thank you for your time in reading this. My name is CW2 Larry Wesgaites and I will soon be returning from Afghanistan. As with all deployments this one has been long and I look forward to coming home to see my wife and family. My family and my wife's family are split between PA and FL and have never had the opportunity to spend time with one another. I would like to get everyone together down in FL and for a few days take the PA gang to Disney as they have never been there before. I am requesting 6 tickets if possible to help offset the high costs of getting everyone down there and taking them out. I thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day/night.