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Disney World Vacation
My name is Angela Hause. I'm the proud mother of two amazing kids. Alexis age 13 and Cody age 10. We lost their father SSGT Brian Paul Hause on 10-23-08 while he was stationed in Ballad. It's been a rough few years for us with moving to a new state, new school and the daily challenge of raising kids without their father. Even with all they have been through my kids are smart, and kind and amazing young people who are so much like their father. Life has not been fair to them and with each year brings new challenges and hardships for them having to grow up without a father. I know vacations cannot fix things but it can bring a smile to their faces and give them some wonderful memories to help when they days aren't filled with many things to be happy about. Time of year does not matter. We have been to Orlando and love it. I would love the opportunity to take my children on a dream vacation to Disney World in Orlando Florida. We got engaged at Disney World so that place holds a special place in my heart. I'm not asking for all just giving some options as anything would be amazing for them and they would love to go to any of those places. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you for helping me to make a wonderful memory for my children.

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Dallas Cowboys Game
Hello, My name is SPC Timothy Sexton. I have just recently returned home from my first combat deployment to Afghanistan. I am married to my beautiful wife Teesha. While I was gone, 2 of my wife's many wishes included coming home safely to her, and to take her to a Cowboys game. I have fulfilled one of those wishes, and intend to fulfill the second. I wish to attend the Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys game on September 27th, 2015. I grew up a Falcons fan, and she grew up a Cowboys fan. Fortunately they are playing each other in the state that we reside! So we are both very excited to get a chance to see them both.