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Ufc 202 in Las Vegas
My name is Sgt. Jesus Vasquez Jr but I am better known as "Chuya". I served with 2nd Force Recon BN. which became Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). I deployed with the 26th MEU in 2003 to Iraq and then again in 2005. I also became a jump master. In 2006 my life came to a halt when I had a hard landing while doing a parachute free fall training exercise. My leg was fractured and they had to install a plate and several screws. I got a staph infection from the hospital and ended up with osteomyelitis, a bone infection. After over 20 limb salvage surgeries my doctors recommended that they would have to amputate the leg due to severe infection and loss of blood flow to the leg. On October 1, 2010 they amputated my leg. The Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio worked hard to get me into a leg. Seven months later I was able to return back home to my wife and kids. During all this time my wife sacrificed and stayed by my side to see me through my recovery and still does to this day. She has been my nurse, my best friend and without her I do not know where I may have been through all my health and emotional problems. I was medically retired in February of 2012 after my medical conditions forced me to give up my passion, serving. I would love to go see an MMA fight in Las Vegas. This is not only about the fight but a chance for me to take my wife who also serves as my caregiver to do something special. We have four kids ages 14,12,7 and 2 and she deserves a well needed break. She loves Las Vegas and watching UFC with me, and this would mean so much to her. I also have a sister there who I have only been able to see a couple times and could visit with her.

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Bass Pro Shops NRA. Night Race
My name is specialist Christopher Brunelle I am a Iraq war Purple Heart Vet. I have let the PTSD get the best of me. I was injured in 2005 when a suicide bomber attacked my hummer and blew us up. My gunner was killed in the explosion. I was to proud to let anyone help me or take help from anyone. I tried to do it on my own. I just about let the PTSD get the best of me. It cost me my marriage but I'm ok with that part now. I was at a very dark place in life didn't want to be here anymore. One day I was thinking what to do and how to do it, when one of my little girls came out and said daddy just want to say I love you. I still deal with the nightmares and flashbacks but I'm use to that now. My wish is to attend the night race at Bristol Motor Speedway. I am asking for 3 hot passes and race tickets for that day because I don't drive that far anymore. For the longest time I have been unable to get out and go places, with the help of some good friends and brothers I am able to now.