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Every week thousands of tickets are available to veterans, service members, and family members of those killed in action enabling them go to major sports games, concerts, and many other ticketed events.

Vet Tix is committed to helping put veterans and service members (including Reserve and Guard) in empty seats at games and events across the nation. We are a nonprofit that channels more than 95 percent of its revenues directly into programs. Since 2008, we have had the pleasure to distribute more than 23.1 million free tickets to over 2,004,019 VetTixers.

To become a Vet Tix member, just complete the form below. Once you have created an account and verified your military service, you can review and apply for tickets to hundreds of other upcoming events across the country.

Vet Tix has both donated tickets and discounted ticket offers. Other than a very small delivery fee, all donated tickets are free! With certain partnerships, once donated tickets have been claimed, additional discounted opportunities will be made available.

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* Spouses & immediate family may create the account for their service member. However, all data must be of the service member.
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  • Federal:
    • U.S. Passport
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    • Permanent Resident Card
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    • State Issued Photo ID
    • Native American Tribal Photo ID

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We don't want to spend all day
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Honorable Discharge is a requirement!
NOTE: depending on discharge date and form
We need to see the word Honorable on
line 9e, or 13a or 24.
We will NOT accept the Short DD Form 214
The short form does not show your character of service.

Please blank out any data you feel is sensitive

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