• Event Tickets for Currently Serving Military, Veterans and their Families

    On Nov 21st 2015 John Graves Posted:
    " Thank you so very much World Series of MMA this event was awesome the fights were great nice tournament and it was good to see the guy that was out it first come back to win it all awesome flights thank you for supporting the military active-duty and veterans may God bless your organization And hope to attend one of your events in the future thank you so very much thank you so very much thank you so very much"

    United States Army
    Event Attended: WSOF 25 - 8 Man Light Heavyweight Tournament - Presented by World Series of Fighting - Friday
    Event Date: Nov 20th 2015
  • Event Tickets for Currently Serving Military, Veterans and their Families

    On Nov 8th 2015 Brianna Posted:
    "Thank you so much for allowing my family to go to the Nebraska game. It was my nephews first ever Husker game, and he loved it!"

    United States Air Force
    Currently Serving
    Event Attended: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Michigan State - NCAA Football
    Event Date: Nov 7th 2015
  • Event Tickets for Currently Serving Military, Veterans and their Families

    On Nov 9th 2015 SFC DAVE ZARAGOZA Posted:
    "Thank you Portland Trailblazers for making our first live basketball game a treasure forever. Special thanks to VetTix fornmaking this happen. Zaragoza family Kent, Wa"

    United States Army
    Event Attended: Portland Trail Blazers vs. Detroit Pistons - NBA - Hoops for Troops
    Event Date: Nov 8th 2015
  • Event Tickets for Currently Serving Military, Veterans and their Families

    On Nov 14th 2015 mike Posted:
    "THANK YOU to the Georgia Tech Athletic Department for tickets and the Very Cool HONOR ROW Program. We live in Dallas, but I wanted to be part of this event. Flew in Thursday morning and got to the campus in time to see the player walk through followed by the 1990 Championship Team. A fun and festive atmosphere both inside and outside of Dodd Stadium. As a college football fan it was important for me to see two legendary coaches square off-Frank Beamer of VATech who is retiring after a great career and Paul Johnson,who I use to follow at the Naval Academy, with his fun to watch triple option offense. And as a bonus heard Bobby Ross talk about the championship team at halftime. We sat on a row with fellow Vets and had fun conversations with a younger Marine and his girlfriend who sat next to us. A special shout out to Peter the GATech student who orchestrated us through the Honor Row program, a good representative of your fine university. Although the final score was disappointing, it was a very memorable evening and we will be back!!! So thank you again to GATech Athletics and as always thank you to VetTix for this great program. Semper Fi. Mike"

    United States Marine Corps
    Event Attended: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Virginia Tech - NCAA Football - Georgia Tech Honor Row
    Event Date: Nov 12th 2015


Giving Something to Those Who Gave.

Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix) provides FREE event tickets to family members of troops Killed In Action (K.I.A.), our Military and Veterans to sporting events, concerts, performing arts and family activities.

Attending these events reduces stress through entertainment, strengthens family bonds, builds life long memories and encourages service members to stay engaged with American life and local communities.

Giving free event tickets is an expression of appreciation, acknowledgement and an enduring symbol that we, as a nation, honor the service of our troops today and long after their tour of duty has passed. Helping our veterans attend events provides positive family and life experiences after their years of service to our country.

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  • Patriotism - Honor and support to the men and women who have served our country. This unquestioned loyalty to our Military, Veterans and their families provides the foundation for what VTF is as an organization.
  • Support and Recognition - A yellow ribbon on your car shows support, but sending a veteran to a game with their family is a real gift of gratitude.
  • Quality of Life - Our service members fought and sacrificed for our life and liberty, we would like to give to their pursuit of happiness.
  • Family - We include family. Service Members rely on the support of their families. We strengthen family bonds by encouraging shared experiences that create lasting memories.


Our military shoulders unique burdens of stress and sacrifice. 16.6 million Veterans have served during wartime. 3.6 Million Veterans have service-related disabilities.

2.5 million Service Members have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost 1 million have served multiple deployments. Since 2002 over 52,000 Americans have been wounded, over 1,500 are now amputees and over 6,800 have been killed in action. We want to honor and support those that served and sacrificed so much.

Wounds of war, both mental and physical, can stay with our veterans the rest of their lives. Giving to our veterans and supporting the transitions back into their families and communities, is a gift of gratitude in which we all can take part..

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Tickets For Troops Tickets for Troops

Veteran Tickets Foundation's Tickets for Troops Program is dedicated to giving back to those who gave us so much. We team up with major sports teams, leagues, promoters, organizations, venues and every day event ticket holders to provide free and discounted tickets to currently serving and veterans of all branches of the US military.

The Veteran Tickets Foundation is proud to announce that to date 1,732,588 event tickets have been given out in all 50 States and Washington, DC to our Military, Veterans and their families. Here is the breakdown of our event ticket distribution:

(Numbers are calculated each night at midnight.)

  • 1,732,588 total event tickets have been given out to date:
    • 707,872 event tickets have been given directly to Military Bases, including Reserve and Guard units.
    • 1,024,716 event tickets have been given out online:
      • 456,278 event tickets claimed online went to our verified members of our Military.
      • 568,438 event tickets claimed online went to our verified Veterans who have served us proudly.
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Hero's Wish Hero's Wish

Deployed, wounded and families of those killed in action are shouldering the hardest burdens of military service. Their duty has impacted their lives in ways the rest of America can only imagine.

VetTix would like to ease their burden of stress by giving a Hero a once in a lifetime experience at an event. Hero's Wish events create a wonderful family experiences help heal their spirit, reduce stress and show support for their service to our country. For those who have suffered, we want to welcome them back and bring enjoyment back into their lives.

The Hero's Wish program can be used by Active Duty Military Personnel (six months prior to, while on leave from or six months after their deployments), severely wounded warriors and the families of men and woman killed in action (KIA).

In 2013 for the first time we were able to fulfill EVERY Hero's Wish! Thank you to all that donated to make this possible!

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Our goal of $50,000 donated will help us reach our 2015 goal of 100% of our Hero's Wishes fulfilled. Please click below to donate and make a difference is someone's life today.

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