Mission and Impact

Who do we serve?

ALL Branches of our Military and their Families:

  • ALL Currently Serving Military and their Families.
  • ALL Honorably Discharged Veterans and their Families.
  • ALL Immediate Family of any Troops Killed-In-Action.


Why do we serve?

Vet Tix enriches the lives of our Military and Veterans by providing reintegration opportunities and family bonding experiences by providing free tickets to socially interactive events.

Reintegration back into their communities and families

44% of returning Veterans experience trouble readjusting.

Reintegration is the process of military service members returning from deployment and re-entering their family unit and American life. It can also mean the reintegration from military into civilian life. The reintegration process can last for months or years. Almost half of returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans has reported difficulties readjusting.

Too many vets and service members spend time in isolation. Tickets to cheer for local teams, to enjoy a night at the symphony or to see their favorite band enhances their lives by bringing them back out into to the community, increasing family bonds through shared interests while reducing stress through entertainment. Veterans state they feel most comfortable around other service members. Vet Tix events often have a group of Veterans attending allowing VetTixers to feel more comfortable attending. Strong family bonds and community reintegration opportunities are essential tools for Veterans during active duty, post-deployment, and post-service years.

Words can't begin to describe how thankful I am to this wonderful organization and Alan, who donated our tickets. We had such a great time at Disney, I smile like I haven't in awhile. My son even told me, "Dad, I haven't seen you smile so much in a long time!"

My family and I truly had a great time and we were able to reconnect again. It is what they said, Disney is magical. Again, thank you so much for the tickets!!

United States Marine Corps Severely Wounded Veteran
United States Marine Corps
Severely Wounded Veteran
2005 - 2010

Posted by ambioris on Sep 9th 2013
Event Attended: Hero's Wish: Disney World Tickets
Event Location: Orlando, FL
Event Date: Sep 3rd 2013


Working through PTSD

An estimated 30% of veterans experience PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that may develop after a person is exposed to violently traumatic event, serious injury or threat of death. PTSD symptoms include depression, sleep and health problems. Sufferers often avoid social interaction. Medication, psychological therapies and physical activity are all common treatments for PTSD. Sadly, studies show no improvement with anti-depressants for combat veterans. Many Veterans do not seek help because of stigma associated with mental illness or are worried it would hurt their career.

Receiving tickets to special events has had a more far reaching impact than we had imagined on combat Veterans. Our VetTixers report relief from PTSD symptoms. New psychological studies show that creating happy memories is a key component to overcoming PTSD. Being able to attend events with family and other service members has encouraged Veterans suffering from PTSD to re-engage in community activities and work on conquering their symptoms.

Jesse's First Vet Tix Event

Vet Tix, I am a 61 year old Vet and this was my very first football Game I ever got to watch live! Watching football on TV is great, but I never knew just what I was missing until today. We got a little wet from all the rain but I still had a Fantastic time and it made me feel like a kid again.

Normally crowds really freak me out and make me feel very uneasy, but thanks to the VAs MH department and having a chance to talk with other vets, I was able to put my PTSD on a short vacation and that allowed me to really enjoy myself for the first time in over 40 years.

I can't Thank you enough Vet-Tix and all who have given their support...


United States Army Veteran
United States Army
1971 - 1974

Posted by Jesse on Jan 2nd 2014
Event Attended: 2014 Gator Bowl - Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. # 22 Georgia Bulldogs
Event Location: Jacksonville, FL
Event Date: Jan 1st 2014
Tickets Donated By: University of Nebraska

Jesse After 25 Days with VetTix

Man, you guys are the Greatest!!!

I want the world to know that Vet-Tix got us Tickets on the floor 5th Row Center from the stage; I mean we were so close to Jeff we could almost touch him. That had to be the BEST Seats in the house.

My Wife (Angela) and I had a Wonderful Time and we laughed so hard we were hurting All Over. ...

We would not have been able to go to all the different events and shows we've attended in the last few months had we not singed up with the wonderful people at Vet-Tix.

We have gotten over $800.00 in Free tickets from Vet-Tix in the last 25 Days. Vet-Tix is the Best thing that has happened to us!

You Guys are making our Retirement what it should be, FUN..
Thanks Again, Jesse Hall, Palm Coast FL

United States Army Veteran
United States Army
1971 - 1974

Posted by Jesse on Jan 26th 2014
Event Attended: Jeff Dunham's
Event Location: Jacksonville, FL
Event Date: Jan 24th 2014
Tickets Donated By: Personal Publicity - Jeff Dunham


Giving Support and Recognition

16.6 million Veterans served during wartime.

Knowing that Americans businesses and people are donating to provide these opportunities also helps Veterans to feel welcomed back. Tickets to events to say 'thank you for your service' provide a sense of pride. Vet Tix events often publicly recognize service members. Being recognized at a game is a heartfelt thank you to our Veterans and their families and is an emotional experience. It reaffirms why they signed up for service in the first place, for pride of our country and the amazing people that live in it. It's a true message of gratitude and a way of letting them know that they will never be forgotten.

Thanks to vettix.org, King Soopers, and the Pepsi Center organizations, personnel, and staff for a wonderful time to do a father-daughter night. This was T's first NHL game, and the staff at the Pepsi Center made sure to treat her like a star. We made some great memories, and she couldn't stop talking about all the fun she had!

We've been working really hard to work for several weeks through some heavy emotional issues because I've been called away to duty more than she can handle. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to re-connect!

Also, it's a tremendous kindness for King Soopers to offer the Honorary Hero of the Game to Currently Serving and Veteran members. The same can be said for both the Pepsi Center and vettix.org. Thanks for your dedication, professionalism, philanthropy, and all you do to honor our servicemen and women--to feel welcomed in the community in ways like this is a powerful re-connection back to our families, friends, and hometowns.

Very Respectfully,

G. Fensterer

United States Air Force Currently Serving
United States Air Force
Currently Serving

Posted by Daddy and T on Oct 26th 2013
Event Attended: Colorado Avalanche vs. Carolina Hurricanes - King Soopers Honorary Hero of the Game - NHL
Event Location: Denver, CO
Event Date: Oct 25th 2013
Tickets Donated By: Colorado Avalanche / Pepsi Center


Filling the missing gap

Combat Veterans receive on average five days of post-deployment debriefing before returning home.

Currently there is a huge VA claims backlog, keeping many Veterans from getting care in a timely fashion. A recent report for the VA states there is insufficient evidence to prove the effectiveness of current VA support programs. Only a small percentage of our population has serves in the military. Many Americans do not understand the problems Veterans face, making it more difficult for Veterans to reconnect to their communities. All of these factors leave service members largely on their own as they come home to their families and rejoin their communities and American life.

My battle buddies and I had the time of our lives yesterday at the NHL Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium Sunday. 3 have never been to Yankee Stadium and two have never been to hockey games. Not to mention the two best teams in the league. Out in the elements as it should be. Man you had to be there and it was great therapy because we all battle with PTSD and other ailments so it was a great day for us all. Vet Tix we can't thank you enough for the generous gesture but thanks a million times over.


United States Army Veteran
United States Army
1995 - 2013

Posted by SFC Solomon Melchizedek ( Retired ) on Jan 27th 2014
Event Attended: 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series - New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers
Event Location: Bronx, NY
Event Date: Jan 26th 2014
Tickets Donated By: New Jersey Devils


Can't they just use a military discount?

It's estimated that 66% of our Veterans do not have any type of Veteran ID card.

Only Veterans who served 20+ years or were disabled leave the military with any form of ID. So a Veteran with 2 or 3 combat deployments can not use many advertised discounts.

When Vet Tix was founded in 2008, we discovered that military discounts were limited or problematic. Few concerts venues offered a discount. Some sport teams offered military Mondays to active duty only, even though military bases were over an hour away from the stadium, making it impossible for active duty personnel to attend during or after work. Many businesses do not offer a military discount at locations near bases. The discount applies to the military personnel only, not the family.

The average football game or concert is $500 for a family or four, making these All-American events too expensive for many Military and Veteran families.

Thank you all for your support, my family and I had a wonderful time at a roller coaster game. It was a great opportunity to spend time and bond with my kids. I would not have been able to afford the cost of the 14 hour drive (1 way), food, hotel and tickets. Your donation of the tickets defrayed the cost enough to made this trip possible. The Blue Devils put on a great game, but I am happy my Aggies were able to win in the end.

Thank you again for your continued support,
Gig 'Em ~James

United States Army Currently Serving
United States Army
Currently Serving

Posted by James on Jan 2nd 2014
Event Attended: 2013 Chick - Fil - a Bowl - # 24 Duke Blue Devils vs. # 21 Texas a & M Aggies
Event Location: Atlanta, GA
Event Date: Dec 31st 2013
Tickets Donated By: Anonymous Donor
Tickets Donated By: Cory from KY


What kind of events?

Just about anything you can buy a ticket for!

Vet Tix offers tickets to a wide range of events: sports, concerts, symphonies, ballet, theatrical plays, rodeo, comedy shows, family activites and more.

VetTixers choose events of their liking, regardless of age or physical ability. This allows retired Veterans to take their grandchildren to Disney on Ice, it allows married couples to go the symphony, and it allows entire families to attend a sporting event together. We create opportunities for entertainment and engagement. We have created new hockey fans, encouraged interest in symphony or brightened a day with a comedy show. With such diverse events across the nation we reach Veterans and give them opportunities to find new interests, to build lasting memories which connect families together and build emotional resiliency which is vital to mental health.

Thank you VETERAN TICKETS FOUNDATION for allowing me the opportunity to go to the best car show / auction in the USA! You have made a dream come true for this combat veteran! Thank you for the UNIFIED military support to our troops, retiree's and our families!

United States Air Force Currently Serving
United States Air Force
Currently Serving

Posted by CONRAD on Jan 18th 2014
Event Attended: 2014 Barrett - Jackson - Collector Car Auction
Event Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Event Date: Jan 12th 2014
Tickets Donated By: Barrett-Jackson Auction Company


Why are these events important?

Performing Arts Enrichment

Studies show that observation and engagement in artistic performances enhances people's emotional and mental well-being. Some hospitals have reported quicker healing times when performers are brought in for patients to enjoy. Attending musical and theatrical shows sparks creativity. It engages Veterans in their community functions and American culture. This results in our Veterans and their families leading fuller lives.

I want to Thank everyone who made this possible. As a member of the military, I don't often get the chance to take my daughter to events like this. I want to thank the Ballet troupe for their donation of these tickets, without them, I don;t believe I would have been able to make this happen. The smile on my little dancers face, watching them on stage, performing this show, was everything I could have asked for. God Bless you all and again...Thank You! It truly was a magical night for me.

United States Air Force Currently Serving
United States Air Force
Currently Serving

Posted by Larry on Dec 23rd 2013
Event Attended: The Nutcracker Performed by Ohio Dance Theatre
Event Location: Elyria, OH
Event Date: Dec 20th 2013
Tickets Donated By: Ohio Dance Theatre


Sporting Events, Bonding & Health

Attending games together increases bonds and social connections with other people. Over 90% of people attending sporting events go with family or friends. Strong relationships are a key factor in emotional health.

Sports fans have higher self-esteem and social identity. Identifying with a local sports team provides a built-in connection to others in your community. It provides a sense of belonging in your community or within a group of friends and family.

Leisure activity and entertainment help people to mentally escape from the stresses and strain of life. Sporting events are American’s top source of entertainment.

Cheering or groaning for a favorite team gives people a cathartic release of internalized emotions through in a socially acceptable manner. This is especially important in men who have problems expressing their emotions.

We would really like to express our appreciation to the donors and VET TIX for making it possible for our family to attend the Dallas Mavericks basketball game. It was a really exciting game and the whole family had a wonderful time. Thank-you for all you do to help service members and Veterans. What you do makes a real difference in people's lives.

United States Marine Corps Currently Serving
United States Marine Corps
Currently Serving

Posted by Michael on Jan 19th 2014
Event Attended: Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans - NBA
Event Location: Dallas, TX
Event Date: Jan 11th 2014
Tickets Donated By: Dallas Mavericks (NBA)


Why do our donors love us?

Vet Tix provides a rewarding and simple way for donors to give back!

Vet Tix enriches Veterans' lives, but we are also a benefit to donors. Since Veteran Tickets Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit foundation, individual ticket holders and businesses can receive tax deductions for their donations which they would not receive by donating directly to bases or military families.

The Vet Tix system is transparent. Venues, artist, teams get know that their tickets are used by our Military and our Veterans. Our verification system ensures that only qualified people get access to tickets and discounts. We provide easy methods to donate shipped, will-call, print at home, or mobile delivery, with complete tracking along the process.

Oregon State Athletics began working with Vet Tix back in the 2012 Football season and the partnership has been nothing short of amazing! We were having difficulty with filling our stadium for non-conference football games due to our student body not yet being in class. We wanted to accomplish two things, fill the stadium and provide an opportunity to those that would normally be unable to attend. The working relationship with Veteran Tickets Foundation helped us accomplish both goals. We were able to move a couple hundred tickets in a matter of days.

Eddie and his staff makes it so easy to donate tickets to the organization. The ability to send tickets electronically makes life managing inventory much easier.

Another aspect of the relationship that I personally enjoy are the testimonials from those that used the tickets at the event. When I receive the link, just reading the gratitude shows that this partnership is a win for everyone and one that I see continuing for a very long time.

Cecil Hairston
Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Operations



Impact by the numbers

How much reach does Vet Tix have right now?

  • Vet Tix currently has 1,075,008 verified VetTixers
    • During the past 30 days Vet Tix has enrolled 28,427 new verified VetTixers (since January 17th 2019)
  • Vet Tix has distributed 6,095,754 tickets to 80,044 events since our start in 2008.
    • During the past 12 months Vet Tix has distributed 2,066,695 tickets (since February 16th 2018)

Currently Serving VetTixers


Air Force29%



Coast Guard6%

Veteran VetTixers


Air Force20%



Coast Guard3%

VetTixers By Age

Age 18 - 201%

21 - 2925%

30 - 3932%

40 - 4922%

50 - 5913%

60 - 695%

70 +2%


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Paul Posted:
Thank you for an amazing night of fun! First, we loved having dinner, riding the rides and playing games on the lawn. The basketball game was so fun and we loved the energy. My youngest enjoyed dancing on the big screen! We had a memorable night.
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Steven Posted:
Once again, the generous supporters at VetTix provided my children and me an outstanding opportunity to enjoy some quality family time and cheer on our hometown Phoenix Coyotes! Although the final score was not in our favor, we had a fantastic time. My son was celebrating his 11th birthday, and this special moment was for lack of better words, "the icing on the cake!" Thank you VetTix!!
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Brien Posted:
Thank you so much for the tickets to the Cheez-It Bowl Game. Our family had a great time! Fiesta Bowl you’re amazing for donating to our military members!
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Vincent Posted:
Thank you to my Favorite Hockey Team. We had a great time. My 2 year old daughter loves the Flyers. Everytime she sees the Flying P she cheers.
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David Posted:
We had so much fun with the kids at this event. Thank you very much for your generous donation for my family. I had just as much fun as the kids did. Semper-Fidelis!
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Matthew Posted:
Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend this fun, get dancing, and educational performance! My two granddaughters (one pictured -- and one too stubborn to be in the pic) loved it!!! The performers did a fantastic job and the tickets sure were appreciated. Thank you again!
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Alberto Posted:
Great time with my little guy .. thank you we enjoyed every minute of it .
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ignacio Posted:
Thank you very much, my daughter and guest enjoyed it very much
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Frank Posted:
Thank you Lone Star Brahmas Hockey and Vet-tix for the great Tickets and putting on a great game! It was a hart breaking overtime loss, but it was also my son's first ever hockey game, he had so much fun and you should have seen his little face when the Brahmas scored their fist goal in the 2nd on a power play! Again a Big Thank You to the Brahmas and Vet-Tix!
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Click To Read More Feedback from Kelly Clarkson: Meaning Of Life Tour
Dennis and Angel Posted:
To Vettix, Messina Touring Group and Kelly Clarkson, I would like to give many thanks to you all for making my daughters night. This was her first concert ever and she had the time of her life. I watched my little girl sing and dance to some amazing music and atmosphere. The tickets were amazing and the people were as well. They brought my daughter to the front where Kelly Clarkson acknowledged her. All night long she could not stop talking about Kelly “waving” at her. Kelly, thank you so much for making my little girl the happiest 11 yr old in the world for 3 hours yesterday. We will keep this memory for the rest of our lives. Vettix and Messina Touring Group, if it wasn’t for you, this night would have not been possible. Please never stop making lives for veterans and their families just a little bit happier. You all have no idea what it means to us. God Bless you all and again Thank you!! Many Blessings to you all, Dennis and Angel.
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michael Posted:
Thank you PBR. I would like to say what a great event you put on and for giving us Vets the opportunity to attend.
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Marshall Posted:
Thank you Feld Entertaiment & Vet Tix for the tickets to Disney on Ice-Dare to Dream. My self, wife and our grandsons had a great time. It was amazing to see there lil eyes light up when there favorite characters & songs came on. Thank you for sharing & giving forward to us Veterans.
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Alicia Posted:
Thank You VetTix and Professional Bull Riders Inc. for an amazing experience. Did not expect to be so close to the action!!! Donor tickets were for seats in AT&T Cowboys Stadium Hall of Fame seating!!! My family had an outstanding time.
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Raymond Posted:
Thank you for an entertaining afternoon with family enjoying a holiday classic.
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William Posted:
Thanks to Santander Arena and Performing Arts Center for donating the tickets to Phil Vasser and Lonestar. They were very electric on stage and it was impressive how they were able to feed of each other to put on a memorable performance.
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Anthony Posted:
I want to thank Vet Tix and Shetler Studios & Theatres - Theatre 54 for donating tickets to a performance of Macbeth. The theatre was intimate which allowed every member of the audience to feel as if they had a first row seat. The cast was amazing. I would not hesitate to see another production. Thank you so much for making this possible.
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Stuart Posted:
Thanks again Vettix and the Hard Rock Hotel &Casino for the tickets. Wife and friends loved the show.
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Robert Posted:
Thank You Barclays Center/Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment and Vet tix for a great Championship fight night
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Louis Posted:
Thank you VetTix and Jacksonville Icemen - ECHL. We appreciate the tickets and the support you give to the veterans. As always the game was very exciting.
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Ruben Posted:
Thank you Honda Center. It was a great night out. The performance was awesome.
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