What is a Hero's Wish?

All, Thank you for granting my wish this year. It has been a hard year with combat deployments and other personnel things in my life. This day is a day that I will never forget. Again thank you. Respectfully MSGT Sagredo Ismael

Hero's Wish Veteran Tickets Foundation is proud to bring the Hero's Wish program to our members!

Deployed, wounded and families of those killed in action are shouldering the hardest burdens of military service. Their duty has impacted their lives in ways the rest of America can only imagine. To relieve their burden of stress Vet Tix would like to give a once in a lifetime event to these Heroes. Hero's Wish events create wonderful experiences that they can always remember to heal their spirit and bring them together as a family. For those who have suffered, we want to welcome them back and bring enjoyment back into their lives.

Hero's Wish allows members who meet certain criteria to request specific tickets for any single event (NOTE: We are not capable of fulfilling meet and greets, trips, cruises, hotel stays or flights), and have donors fulfill that request either by ticket donation or by donating money to make the hero's wish come true.

The Hero's Wish program can be used by Active Duty Military Personnel (six months prior to, while on leave from or six months after their deployments), severely wounded Veterans (Purple Heart Required) and the families of men and woman killed in action (KIA).

After submitting a Hero's Wish, Vet Tix will work with the veteran to verify the Hero's Wish requirements are met. If all criteria are met, a member of the Hero's Wish will be assigned to facilitate wish fulfillment. Veteran Tickets Foundation does not discriminate based on race, religion, sex or social status.

The Vet Tix Hero's Wish team and other volunteers explore possible ways to make the Hero's Wish come true for our veteran. Most Hero's Wishes are funded on a case by case basis with funds donated through the website and by the Hero's Wish team working hard with our donors and venues to make the Hero's Wish a reality.

Click here to see the list of the current Hero's Wishes!

Help Fulfill a Hero's Wish

Want to help Veteran Tickets Foundation fulfill the wish of one of America's heroes? There are two ways you can help us honor these special members:

  • Make a ticket donation. Simply visit the Hero's Wish page and select a wish that you'd like to help Vet Tix fulfill.
  • Don't have tickets to donate? No problem! You can always support a hero by making a monetary donation toward the wish you select and Vet Tix will purchase the tickets.

New wishes are being submitted all the time, so we encourage you to view the hero's wish page as often as you can.

Thanks to everyone that made our Disneyland Dream a reality! We really appreciate what you do for our military families! Thank you for all your support!

Submit A Hero's Wish

Are you Currently Serving Military (six months prior to combat deployment, six months after a deployment, or while on leave from deployment), a severely wounded Veteran (Purple Heart Required) or a family member of someone who was killed in action (KIA)?

If you are and you have not received a wish from another wish-granting organization, then you are eligible for our Hero's Wish Program! All you need to do is complete a few easy steps and Veteran Tickets Foundation will get started on making your Hero's Wish come true!

NOTE: Veteran is allowed to submit 1 (ONE) lifetime wish. If wish goes unfilled, that still counts as your one lifetime wish.


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Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Post-Deployment Disneyland Vacation
My name is Lt Col Troy Dupont. I have served in the Air Force for 19 years and spent over three of them on deployments. I have just returned from my 5th deployment; a long 1-year separation from my family. Upon redeployment, I received orders to move overseas within 2 months. My wish is for a family vacation to Disneyland in May 2017. I am requesting (6) Park Hopper passes. We are looking to create one last memory in the US and surprise our 4 children (Eli, Evelyn, Emilia, & Edison... the E-team) with a trip to Disneyland before we have to head to port. My family has sacrificed so much over the years, and I am appreciative of any donations provided. The cost of moving overseas is very high and your generosity will truly help us offset the cost of this dream vacation. God bless!

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Trip to Disney World
My name is SrA Ella Tesar and I am currently serving with the Texas Air National Guard. I was Active Duty prior to separating to better raise my daughter. I am currently on my second deployment and will be returning home this summer. My husband, SrA Matthew Tesar, is currently Active Duty in Oklahoma. We have both made many sacrifices and faced many challenges as any military family does. My husband and I believe in taking family vacations rather than spending the money on gifts for holidays and birthday. So, I am looking for help with two 3-Day Park Hopper passes to Disney World in Florida. I'd love to come home and be able to take my family to the most magical place during the most magical time of the year.. Christmas! Thank you for helping fulfill our wish!

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Disney World Family Trip
Hello, I am SPC Sam Pearson, I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, this is my 2nd deployment. My first deployment was with 10th Mountain Division, conducting route clearance with combat engineers, this deployment I am with the Infantry out of Fort Bliss. My first time away from 2 of my kids, My wife and I have 3 together. Two of them were born between the first deployment and this one. As far as our children, One is currently 5 months old, and the other is nearly two. And the third has just turned 5. None of my family, including myself have ever been to Disney World, or even Florida. And we have figured it would be a dream trip upon my return. I am looking to take my family on a trip to Disney World.

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Disneyland Park Hopper Passes
Hello, I am MSgt Douglas McGraw & have served in the USAF for 22+ years. I'm the 3rd generation of my family who's been proud to have served our great nation. My Grandfather was a WWII Battle of the Bulge and Dachau concentration camp liberator, my father who served in the 82nd Airborne from Dominican Republic, Air Cavalry in Vietnam 65 LZ X-ray and then finally the Gulf War in the Air National Guard. I myself have just returned from a 1yr deployment to Kandahar Afghanistan as an Advisor to the Afghan Air Force working daily side by side with my Afghan counterparts. I am married to my wife for 22yrs and been together for 24years. We have 2 grown children. This has been my 5th career contingency deployment among countless other times spent away from my wife who has been by my side faithfully for longer than my military career. The past year saw high stress and even family member death affect our whole family but our marriage in particular suffered. My wife and I have always been in unity in putting our children's needs above our own, to the point of signing over my GI bill to our children. Additionally while in Afghanistan I adopted a stray dog that strayed onto our end of the flight line in Kandahar that has made transition back to daily stateside life a bit stressful. My deep felt wish is to surprise my wife and take her on that long overdue fun filled vacation to show her and my girls how much I appreciate their support. If anyone is able to help bless us, I wish to take them on a 4 day Disneyland park hopper pass. I appreciate Vet Tix for giving Veteran's this amazing platform and to all those who support our men and women in uniform. God bless MSgt Douglas McGraw

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Post Deployment Disneyland Wish
Hello my name is SSG Imelda Alaimaleata. I am proudly serving in the Army. I am currently deployed in Djibouti, Africa for 6 months, and I should be redeploying in July. This is my very first deployment, and so far this is the hardest, especially leaving behind my kids and spouse. Being away from family is one of the hardest things in life. As a soldier, this is the norm, because we would always be gone - whether it be deploying, attending schools, or in training. My wish is to take my family of four to Disneyland this July. I want to spend our family time and the remainder of summer at Disneyland before my kids go back to school. Also since I will be missing out on their birthdays this year. I want to make it up to my family! I would really appreciate it if you would help me and my family fulfill this wish. Thank you all & God Bless!!

Help Fulfill A Wish Today!
Seattle Seahawks
I am a wounded Warrior with deployments to Iraq. I have 2 children. The dates are I was medically retired in 2013 from wounds I incurred during those deployments to include TBI, PTSD, Knee surgery, 3 shoulder surgeries, and recently a back fusion, migraines, and chronic pain daily. I am married for 18 years with two children Alan 08-30-1997 and Amanda 03-04-2017 my wife Shari 04-27-1966 and myself Alan Humphrey III 02-13-1975 will attend the Football game. I have spent most the time during 2003 to 2013 with the deployments and military necessary time away from my family. With short intervals of time at home. I feel that going to these games would involve family time to reconnect with my wife and children. Thank you in advance for this opportunity to be with my family.