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Last Minute Plea so Husband Gets To See Show in Las Vegas before he deploys!

Feb 6th 2010

I know that this might be impossible at the last minute but certainly worth it to see his smile if someone is able to fufill! My husband, Cpl West, who previously served from 2002-2006 at 29 Palms, CA & Camp Pendleton. Then he re-joined as Reserve in August 2009...and is now back to Active Duty. I am so proud of MY Hero and I hope everyone understands exactly what I am talking about. He will deploy to Afghanistan in March for 7 months, leaving behind myself and our 3 young boys ages 7, 4 & 2. The one thing that we wanted to do before he deployed was to return to Las Vegas where we were married and celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. While in Las Vegas our hope is to see George Strait in concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sat. February 6th, 2010...but any show to celebrate our anniversary would be appreciated. We have everything else set & reserved(non-refundable) and we're being joined by his sister, a Veteran of the Navy. Just when I thought we were set, I am unable to find tickets that we are able to afford..I'm blown away by the fact that the cheapest tickets I have found are $200 a each! Now I fear that the one thing that he wanted to do before his deployment is out of reach. I am not ready to give up. I hope & pray that someone out there can bring the biggest smile ever not only to his face but also to mine. My husband is a very hard worker and very dedicated to everyone else's needs. He fights hard for our family as well as our country therefore, I am fighting to bring a smile to his face. Please someone, help me in my wish for my Hero so that he holds onto that memory over there as a reminder of what he is fighting for. Thank you all so much for what you do & thanks to everyone who has served, currently serves and plans to serve in the future.

Last Minute Plea so Husband Gets To See Show in Las Vegas before he deploys!
United States Marine Corps VeteranVeteran
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