Support - Accessible/ADA Seating

If you require ADA/special seating.

Please understand that we can not guarantee that you will always be accommodated.

1. Please be sure that the event page does not state that there is NO ADA/Handicapped seating available.

2. Make your request for Accessible/ADA seating in the comments box at the time that you are making your ticket request.

3. Please indicate the number of Accessible/ADA seats and the number of regular seats required.

4. If there is no comments box and the event does not tell you that special seating is NOT available for that event then you can write into us through the support system to make your request.


***Please note***

*** If the donor has NOT made Accessible/ADA seating available for the event then it will be clearly listed on the event page and there is nothing that we can do about it.

***If you require Accessible/ADA seating please take the tickets we assigned to you and go to GUEST SERVICES at the stadium/venue and they might be able to accommodate your request.

*** We CANNOT guarantee that the venue will always be able to accommodate ADA/Handicapped seating for an event but we will always do the best we can to help you.

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