Support - Text Message Notifications

If you would like to receive Text Message notifications about various phases of our events you can set this up on your My Preferences page.

Please be advised that we do not support Text Message notifications for all carriers. Currently, our system sends text message notifications by taking your mobile number and appending a domain to the end which is sent as an email and is then converted to a text message.

Sometimes there are settings associated with your carrier account that may need to be set in order for you to receive text messages of this nature. If you are not receiving a confirmation text message when you set up this feature, we advise our users to contact their carrier and ask them why they are not receiving text messages that are converted from emails in the above manner.

Our System Text Messages currently work with all major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile), if you are on a smaller less known carrier and are able to provide us with the correct domain for email-to-text messages, please write into support and provide us with this information.

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