Support - I Can No Longer Attend The Event

First and foremost Do not sell your tickets!!!


When tickets go unused this is tracked by our donors and Vet Tix Ticket Operations. Having tickets which the donor donated for veterans & 1st responders go unused could lead to losing future ticket donation(s). That's why it is very important to attend your event so we can keep providing tickets to veterans, 1st responders and their families.  

If by any chance you can not attend your event because of a reason listed below. Your missed attendance will not count against you, granted your reason is valid.

  • Unable to attend due to inclement weather
  • Unable to attend due to game time/date has changed from the original
  • Family Emergency
  • Personal Emergency
  • Getting Deployed
  • Oncall (1st Responders)

***Remember once tickets have been assigned to your Vet Tix account they cannot be returned or donated back to us for any reason.***

Visit you're My Current Requests page

Just click on the Can’t attend event link (seen in the image below) and it will display details about the current state of the event including details on what you can & can not do with your tickets depending on the delivery type.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO WRITE INTO SUPPORT to tell us you can not attend your event

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