Support - Difference Between a Thank you message and a Review

Please understand that we are asking for Thank Yous and not reviews.

There is a difference between the two.

  • A Thank You, message is a "POSITIVE" public tribute or endorsement.
  • A Review is formal assessment or evaluation and can be positive or negative.

If you wish to leave a review then you should go to the venues/team/organization's website and leave it there rather than utilizing the thank you message to voice your complaints.

We understand that you may have attended an event and found the experience, not to your liking. All we ask that if you have issues with an event that you please contact us here at the support center so that we can bring the issue to the attention of the donor.

Please do not use your Thank You message as an outlet to vent your issues publicly regarding an event. I am sure that you feel the same as we do in wanting our donors to donate more tickets to Vet Tix. We would not want our donors to think that their generosity is not appreciated. Our tickets are generously donated to us by the donor and we do not require them to donate specific seating locations. The seats that are donated may vary from one event to another. Many of the donated seats are excellent seats and some may not be as good. In the future please understand that you are only hurting yourself and other Vet Tix members by making negative comments in a Thank You message system.

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