Support - How to Request Tickets

How to Request Tickets:

Step 1: View Events on the Tickets page

Step 2: On the event listing, you can see how many tickets are available and what phase the event process is in.

Step 3: There are three (3) event phases:  
              First Come First Serve (FCFS)
Waiting for lottery winners to claim tickets. 
If there are still tickets after the lottery phase, events will go to FCFS phase.

Step 4: 
To request tickets, click 

 Ticket Requests are Now Open / First Come First Serve (FCFS)

With First Come First Serve there is no waiting.  Tickets are assigned in order of users checking out. 
       Note: At the top of the Event page you will see the delivery fee for the event. 

Step 1: Choose the number of tickets you need. 

Step 2: Click the 'Check Ticket Availability' button. 
             You will be taken to a check out page.  The ticket request link will expire in eight (8) minutes.
             (If you do not check out within the time allotted, the tickets can be claimed by someone else.)

Step 3: Scroll down to see the check out menu.  You may choose to donate to Vet Tix as part of your check out.

Step 4:
Click the 'I would like to secure tickets' button.

Step 5: You will be directed to Paypal to pay online. 
            Once the delivery fee is paid, tickets are assigned to you. 
            You will receive a follow-up email with instructions regarding the event and how to get your tickets.

 Event is Taking Lottery Entries / Lottery

The lottery phase provides a more fair process for you to receive tickets.

Step 1: On the event page, select the number of coins you want to wager from the drop-down list.
             The more coins you wager the better your chances of getting tickets. 
             Note: If you do not win tickets, all coins will be returned to your account.

Step 2: Next, click the 'Check Ticket Availability' button.

You will be redirected to your Current Lottery Entries page (shown below). No email will be sent at this time!

Check the lottery selection start time. You will receive an email around this time letting you know if you won or lost.

Update Lottery Request: This allows you to change the number of coins you wagered. 
                                    You can also change the number of tickets requested (if allowed).

Remove Request?  You can delete your lottery entry without penalty before the lottery selection time.

Waiting for Lottery Winners to Claim Tickets

After the lottery phase has ended, winners have about 24 hours* to pay the delivery fee to claim tickets.  
Often there are remaining tickets after the lottery phase. If you want to attend the event, you may set an alert to have the system notify you once the event enters first come first serve phase.
 *Times may vary.  24 hours is the usual amount time lottery winners have to pay.  Always check lottery times on the event.  Some events may have less than 24 hours.

 To Set an Alert for First Come First Serve Status:
Step 1:  Select the type of alert you want to receive: email, text, or both.

Step 2:  Select 'Event Status: On First Come First Serve Open'.

Step 3: Click on 'Set Alerts'.

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