Support - Requesting Additional Tickets

Please note, you may only request additional tickets on 'Soft' events. If you do not see the comments box on the event page when making your request, the event is 'Hard' requests only and you will not be given additional tickets. If you need additional tickets you MUST make note of that at the time of your initial request in the comments box on the page that asks you to choose your number of tickets. Please be advised that the comment box is only for additional requests on tickets and not for questions related to requesting tickets.

Please include the Names, Ages, and Relation to you for each person that needs a ticket.

The system will only allow us to add tickets to a request for those requests that have been secured in the system by making the delivery fee payment. 

Once the delivery fee payment is made our staff will send a follow-up email for more information if needed, those Vet Tixers that have secured their tickets first will have additional tickets added to their request in the order that they secured their tickets IF additional tickets are available for that event.

**Note: If you did not secure your tickets by making the delivery fee payment then you have not completed your request and you do not have tickets for that event.**


- VetTixer needs 6 tickets for family and event allows max of 4 with comment box showing

- VetTixer requests 4 because that is maxed allowed

- VetTixer adds Comment notes in Box asking for 6 total with required information.

- Pay* delivery fee for 4 tickets requested (*when you get lottery win email or immediatly during FCFS (first come first serve))

- Staff processes request sees comment notes and either increases number, asks addition information, can't increase offers refund or offers to keep 4.

- After processed, VetTixer will be notified of current request status.

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