Support - Verifying Account Through


1. Log into your vet tix account.

2. Click on the Verify with TROOP ID  link. Image 1


3. A new window will open up, It will then have you log into your account. Log in


4. After you log into your account it will ask you to verify you status.

If you are using file upload method with Stay in their page until your documents are uploaded and you'll see that you are verified.

 Verify status


5. This shows your status has been confirmed.

 Status confirmed


6. This is where confirms your account has been verified.

Once you see the successful verification messages on, click the continue button and it will take you back to your vet tix account where your account is now verified. verifying your vet tix account



Remember do not close any windows during this process as this may cause the verification process to be unsuccessful. 


If you are experiencing any issues, do not go to their business forms to fill out support issues, this is not helpful and is causing stress on our relationship with our amazing partner.  If you need help with something on their end, you are free to visit their actual support page at 

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