Support - Will Call FAQ

Here is the policy.

For "WILL CALL" events we are REQUIRED to leave the tickets in the name of the verified veteran in our system. There is NO way around this. We are audited each year to make certain that we adhere to the rules and regulations to pass those audits.


Most venue box office locations will allow a family member to pick up tickets for our veteran provided that:

  1. You know the name of the veteran the tickets were held under
  2. You MUST have the same last name
  3. You MUST show picture ID to prove you have the same last name

**We can not guarantee that the box office will allow it but this has typically (99%) how their policies work for "WILL CALL" events.**

DO NOT contact the teams/organizations/venues directly. DO NOT contact the teams/organizations/venues sales offices. DO NOT contact the teams/organizations/venues will-call windows or anyone else associated with the teams/organizations/venues. Doing so is in direct violation of your Terms of Agreement and your account will be suspended indefinitely.

Will Call Event Procedures

Our procedure for all will call events requires us to send a list with all the names of everyone

who requested tickets to the venue box office the day prior to the scheduled event date.

Once this list has been sent, it is out of our hands and there is nothing we can do.

We are not able to make any changes to the list, re-list the tickets, or offer refunds.

My tickets are not at Will Call

 If you are ever at the venue and are told that they do not have tickets for you at the will call box office and you have already checked your MY CURRENT REQUEST section of your account to be sure that you actually were awarded tickets for that event, then do the following;

  1. Stay at the venue Will Call Box Office
  2. Access our website from your phone
  3. Log into your account
  4. Click on my current request
  5. Scroll down to the event and click the  "Missing Tickets?" link
  6. Fill out the support form

Once you do that an email and text message is sent to the person in charge of that event and they will reach out to you and the venue to correct the situation for you as soon as possible.

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