Support - My Tickets Are Not At Will Call

If you are ever at the venue and are told that they do not have tickets for you at the will call box office and you have already checked your MY CURRENT REQUEST section of your account to be sure that you actually were awarded tickets for that event, then do the following;

  1. Stay at the venue Will Call Box Office
  2. Access our website from your phone
  3. Log into your account
  4. Click on My Current Request
  5. Scroll down to the event and click the  "Missing Tickets?" link
  6. Fill out the support form

Once you do that an email and text message is sent to the person in charge of that event and they will reach out to you and the venue to correct the situation for you as soon as possible.


If your tickets are missing and you are in a specified window of time before the event you may contact us about your missing tickets by following the appropriate 'Missing Tickets?' link on the My Current Requests page under each individual event ticket request.

If you are currently at the event, STAY THERE!!!  Visit the Current Request page and fill out the form, then wait there at the event so that we can solve the issue. If you leave the event, there will be nothing we can do at that point.

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