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Ticket scalping is a common issue in the event industry. We have put forth many safety measures in an attempt to stop ticket scalping but sometimes we cannot catch everyone.

***500 coins (you will remain anonymous) added to your virtual bank with each blue falcon you help us catch.

So how can I spot scalpers?

  1. If you see a blue falcon's post about selling tickets to an event you know they won tickets from VetTix.
  2. Converse with the folks sitting next to you and find out where they got their tickets. (Try to get a photo of their tickets)
  3. When you see tickets for sale on any website with the name "Vet Tix" or "Eddie Rausch" or "Brandi Shannon" in the name field.
  4. When you see a value of "$0.00" on the ticket. Often venues & teams will put a zero dollar value in that field to identify donated tickets.
  5. When you see tickets in a section close to yours and you got your tickets from VetTix.


If you suspect that someone is attempting to scalp tickets from VetTix, please click the button below to provide this information to us so we can investigate further.

We really appreciate your assistance in bringing a stop to ticket scalping, if we determine that your information has led us to catch a scalper, you will be rewarded 500 coins for your effort.

NOTE: Please have a few screencaps as we will need those attached in a follow-up email and you will ALWAYS remain anonymous. 

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