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Monday, December 23rd 2019 - Orlando, FL

Disney World my family for Christmas

My name is Michael Emerick. I am a combat wounded veteran that served in Afghanistan. During my 16 month deployment I was involved in numerous firefights and sustained a traumatic brain injury after being shot in the helmet. I suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, neck and back issues, double/blurred vision and PTSD. After my deployment I decided that I didn't want to raise a family in the military. I was honorably discharged and moved to Texas to go to Universal Technical Institute. I graduated at the top of my class only to realize that I could not sustain long hours of working underneath vehicles with my back and neck issues. I am now a full time Dad taking care of our five children while my wife works to support our family. Christmas time with five children is incredibly chaotic. We love our large family, but sometimes the joy of Christmas is overshadowed by gifts. We decided we would love to take our five children to Disney World to create lasting memories rather than give them gifts. However, Disney World tickets are much more expensive than we could've imagined, especially for a family of seven.

Disney World my family for Christmas

United States Army
Severely Wounded Veteran

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Wednesday, January 15th 2020 - Orlando, FL

Post Deployment Family trip to Walt Disney World

My name is SGT Aaron Keehn. I have a beautiful family. An amazing wife and beautiful 4 yr old little girl named Lily Rose. I am presently completing a 9 month deployment over seas, which resulted in me missing out on holiday and family events, including my daughter's 4th birthday. I would love to take my wife and daughter to Walt Disney World upon return from deployment. This is my second deployment, and I can't think of a better way to make up for lost memories, than building new ones at Walt Disney World. I would like to make a Hero’s Wish to request (3) Disney World 5-day park hopper tickets for my family.

Post Deployment Family trip to Walt Disney World

United States Army
Currently Serving

We need $1100.00 To Make This Hero's Wish Come True


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On Jul 28th Ken Posted:
Words cannot express how grateful we are for the time we have spent at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida over the past week courtesy of those who were gracious enough to donate money towards our wish. We had an amazing time and are completely exhausted (a great problem to have) from 4 days at Disneyworld with 4 kids, lol. Once again a big thank you to John, William, Dale, Julie, Michelle, Rachel, Trace, and the Veteran Tickets Foundation general Hero's Wish Fund. - The Darnell Family
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On Apr 4th Andrew Posted:
My family and I are so grateful for this opportunity that we were given to go on a family vacation after a rough time apart. Thank you to everyone that donated the financial means for us to be able to do this. It was definitely a bonding experience we will never forget.
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On Dec 19th Kevin Posted:
Thank you Vet Tix for an amazing Hero's Wish. Through your support and the generosity of the donors and VET TIX I was able to take my family on a trip that we have wanted to go on for some time. As I come to the end of my career I know I haven't always had the time to spend quality time with my family. I've missed many holidays and birthdays. This year I was able to celebrate my birthday at Universal Studios with my family and will be forever thankful for all your support and generosity.
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On Jul 6th Phi Posted:
We would like to thank Vettix, Veteran Tickets Foundation and each one of our 10 individual donors who made it possible for this truly awesome vacation to DisneyWorld. My family had such a blast at all the parks and made magical memories that we will remember forever. Words cannot express how we feel or how much we appreciated this gift. Thank you once again to everyone for your kindness, generosity, support, time and effort into making this vacation possible and a huge success for us. - Nguyen Family.
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On Nov 16th John Posted:
We cannot thank you Vet Tix and the 7 donors who made this wish possible! My wife and I had a fabulous time and know it would not have been possible without all of you. This time away was just what we needed.
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On Oct 20th Quinn Posted:
Wow! There are no words to describe how thankful I am for the generosity of all of you who made my wish, and the dreams of my family, come true. Our trip to Disney World was definitely one to remember and so many memories were made that I know our family will be talking about for years to come. Our kids were so excited to meet Mickey and pals and the rides are like nothing else! From myself, my wife and my children, thank you, to all of you, from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this opportunity to become closer as a family, to bond, and especially for the forever memories we will always have. We hope to someday be able to give back and make other’s dreams come true just like you did ours. Again, thank you for such an incredible opportunity!
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On Jun 19th Victoria Posted:
I want to thank the Veteran Tickets Foundation and all the donors that helped make our family dream vacation a possibly. It was so much fun. All of my kids had a blast and my stepson loved all the scary stuff specially Chewbacca, he almost cried. Me, my husband, and all the kids loved seeing all the different characters and riding the rides. Best time of our lives thanks again for all you guys do.